Based on the official curriculum guide of the Education Bureau, our courses and notes are well-designed and tailor-made with addressing the needs of Primary and Secondary Sections. The notes and exercises are written with an aim to enhance students’ grammar, reading and writing skills.

Our lessons are conducted in a small-class setting with a ratio of one teacher to six students (1:6) in Primary Section and one teacher to eight students (1:8) in Secondary Section. Small-class teaching guarantees teacher-student interactions and maintain high learning interest.

At-Language Education 根據香港教育局所頒布的英文科課程編排,自編英文教材及針對式稿件,涵蓋全港小學及中學課程,以全方位配合不同學生的需要,針對性加強學生在文法、閱讀理解及寫作方面的技巧。

At-Language Education 實行小班教學,小一至小六的課堂師生比例為1:6,中一至中六的課堂師生比例為1:8。小班教學模式能有效地確保導師與學生的互動,並保持他們的學習興趣。